What are Post-Employment Benefits?

Post-employment benefits (sometimes referred to as OPEB – Other Post-Employment Benefits) are benefits other than the monthly retirement cheque a pensioner receives. These benefits can include extended medical and dental benefits, life insurance, LTD, or any other benefits provided by the Employer once an employee retires. 

In fact, it is quite common for companies who don’t have a pension plan to have some form of post-employment benefits for their retirees.

Of course, these benefits have value (and costs), and your Mondelis Actuary is expert in helping you manage your post-employment benefits plan.

Mondelis Actuaries are here to help:

  • Planning, creating, and managing post-employment benefit plans
  • Valuations to determine potential costs of plan changes, union agreements, etc.
  • Accounting disclosure reports for financial statement purposes
  • Accounting valuations