Our Actuaries will work closely with your accounting team for continued success.

Mondelis Actuarial will work with your accounting team to properly value your employee benefit and pension liabilities, in order to determine the impact that the plan(s) will have on your income statement and balance sheet.

Our Actuaries have spent many years preparing business valuations that conform to the ever changing accounting standards.

Auditors require an actuarial disclosure report each year detailing the company’s post-employment obligations.

We have developed a concise report (under many different accounting standards such as CICA, FRS, IAS, FAS) that provides you and your auditors exactly what you need.  We determine expense, income and balance sheet disclosure information to be included in financial statements for:

  • Registered pension plans
  • Executive pension plans (IPP, SERP, RCA)
  • Non-registered pension plans
  • Non-pension post-employment benefit plans
  • Sick leave plans

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