Mondelis catered to our pension needs and their attention to detail was amazing!

Mondelis actuaries go above and beyond actuarial calculations to work on your most pressing concerns. Mondelis’ services are comparable to those of large consulting houses, and we offer them at a fraction of the price!

Mondelis is your best choice when looking for pension actuarial services. 

At Mondelis, our Actuaries specialize in pensions. From sound advice on setting up your plan, to the ongoing reporting and administration of your existing plan, we’re here to help. The combined knowledge and expertise of Mondelis actuaries will ensure that all government regulations and guidelines are followed to ensure your pension plan is done right.

We can assist with:

  • Funding, solvency and wind-up valuations
  • Accounting valuations
  • Asset transfer valuations
  • Plan conversions
  • Interim valuations to incorporate plan changes, union agreements etc.

What is a Pension Plan?

Pension plans are a great way to retain good employees and enhance your employees’ financial security.

Corporate Benefits include:

  • Tax deductible contributions (for tax savings right now).
  • Employer contributions are free from payroll taxes.
  • Investment incomes generated by the pension fund, in which contributions accumulate, are tax exempt.
  • Attract, and more importantly retain key employees

Employee Benefits include:

  • Pension funds are safe. They do not belong to the employer and cannot be seized if the business goes bankrupt.
  • Pension plans are safe for the employee. The benefits accumulated in a plan cannot be seized for personal debts.  (Except possibly in a few cases, such as a seizure to alimony or child support etc.)
  • Pension benefits are typically taxed at a lower retiree tax rate.
  • Pension plans can provide guaranteed income and also be designated to protect surviving family members.