The ongoing management of your pension plans can be complex. Members need annual statements. Associates get divorced, retire or are terminated. Pension adjustments need to be calculated for the Canada Revenue Agency and government agencies need annual forms submitted.

The Mondelis team works with these issues and many more, on a daily basis. We’re happy to work with your existing administrators, but if you prefer to have the same team do your Actuarial and Administrative work, we can do it for you quickly and efficiently. When you don’t have the time to spend on the day-to-day administration of pension plans – Mondelis does.

We can:

  • Plan, design and review, documents and amendments
  • Prepare statements of investment policies and procedures (SIP&P)
  • Monitor compliance with reporting requirements such as PA, PAR, PSPA reporting, AIR, PBGF assessments, IIS, etc.
  • Perform benefit calculations and member option forms
  • Present value reports related to pension accruals of pension plan members for Family Law Act purposes
  • Attend pension committee meetings

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