Our skilled Actuaries have years of experience when it comes to providing Actuarial, Administrative and Pension Consulting services to corporate, public and institutional organizations, for their employee pension and benefit programs.

Our clients include corporations, municipalities, and not-for-profit entities requiring company valuations of their pension and post-employment benefit plans.

Mondelis also specializes in Actuarial and Administrative services for clients of consulting firms who do not have in-house Actuarial support, as well as to law firms requiring expert witness analysis.

Whether you are a one-person firm, a large corporation, or somewhere in-between, we have the experience, talent, know-how and flexibility to understand your business needs, and provide results that fit your timeline and budget.

Actuarial Consulting


Our Actuaries have years of experience and knowledge. We know how to ensure that your pension funding and pension valuations will comply with legislative requirements and meet the practical needs of your business.

Let us assist with:

  • Funding, solvency and wind-up valuations
  • Asset transfer valuations
  • Plan conversions
  • Support in mergers and acquisitions or union negotiations
  • And more

Legal & Life Insurance

Our Actuaries can also bring great value to the legal and life insurance industries.

We offer:

  • Actuarial expert witness services to legal firms
  • Fair Market Value of Life Insurance Policies
  • And more

 Accounting Support

​Our Actuaries understand the rules and know how to prepare valuations that conform to the ever changing accounting standards (CICA, FRS, IAS, FAS). We can determine expense, income and balance sheet disclosure information for:

  • Registered pension plans
  • Executive pension plans (IPP, SERP, RCA)
  • Non-registered pension plans
  • Non-pension post-employment benefits
  • Sick leave plans

 Administration/Legislative Compliance​​

Who has time to spend on the day-to-day administration of pension plans?  Mondelis does!

We can:

  • Plan, design and review, documents and amendments
  • Prepare statements of investment policies and procedures (SIP&P)
  • Monitor compliance with reporting requirements such as PA, PAR, PSPA etc.
  • Attend pension committee meetings
  • And more

Take advantage of the benefits of a small local firm with the same high degree of experience in providing personalized service as large consulting houses – at a fraction of the cost.

Contact us today to learn more.