Helping businesses big & small!

Whether you need a plan valuation, plan administrative services, or support for retiring employees, Mondelis has been supporting a variety of business needs since 1989. Our experienced team of Actuaries is dedicated to providing excellent support and advice when it comes to pension plan consulting and the administration of pension plans.

We can address the needs of small businesses that are looking to reduce their taxes, as well as provide a comfortable retirement plan for their key employees.

Mondelis is also qualified to assist medium to large sized businesses that already have pension plans.  You may want support with union negotiations, or are looking at improving benefits and need to know the impact to the plan. Our Actuaries and Pension Consultants also have a solid understanding of the specific reporting requirements of both the  Public Sector and Not-For-Profit organizations.

There are many government regulations and guidelines that you need to follow to ensure your pension plan is managed properly. At Mondelis, our Actuaries specialize in pensions. From sound advice on setting up your plan, to the ongoing reporting and administration of your existing plan, we’re here to help.

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