Your Partner for Canadian Actuarial Support

When you’re looking for Actuarial services for your division that operates in Canada, Mondelis is your Canadian Actuary and Pension company of choice. 

We are happy to work with your team – a large portion of our business is supporting the needs of Canadian subsidiaries to parent companies based elsewhere. Our actuaries can work with your international and Canadian audit team to deliver financial results. At Mondelis, much of the work we do involves helping you manage a company pension plan and coordinating with your global pension and accounting team.

Being a small firm allows us to provide customers with the top tier service you require and deserve. From your very first visit, you will be serviced by knowledgeable Actuaries – with extensive backgrounds in pensions, benefits, insurance and corporate financial reporting.

Coupled with the many professional Actuarial and Accounting services we provide, at Mondelis you will also enjoy lower rates and more personalized service then large firms. Through our years of experience we have learned to work efficiently, delivering superior service and innovative solutions for your pension consulting needs.

The President of Mondelis, Kathy Licata worked in the United States as an actuary for over ten years, so she is very experienced in understanding how the regulations can differ around the world.

We are Canadian Actuaries that value Canadian benefits.

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