Mondelis takes pride in supporting not-for-profit organizations! Each year in Canada, over 19 million volunteers generously donate enough time and labour to equal one million full-time jobs. 

Non-profit organizations, such as hospitals and charities, for instance, may have altruistic mission statements but that purpose doesn’t need to come at the expense of hiring talented professionals.

 In order to compensate for generally lower wages than for-profit employers and to attract and keep some of the best workers, small and large non-profits often extend retirement benefits to their employees.

 As an employee of a non-profit, you’ll find that while some plan types are more popular than others you’ll encounter some of the very same options as individuals working in the for-profit sector.

 The talented actuaries at Mondelis are dedicated to providing comprehensive benefit plans  that are designed to reward and retain employees working in the not-for-profit sectors.

Retirement Planning and Non-Profits

 Whether you need a plan valuation, plan administrative services, or support for retiring employees, Mondelis has the experience and up-to-date knowledge needed to make sure your organization has the coverage you need, and the support to maintain it. We have been supporting a variety of not-for-profit companies for over 20 years.

 Contact the skilled actuaries at Mondelis to learn more.