What happens if you are in an accident and can’t work? Or if you are terminated from your job and need to figure out if your pension has been affected?

The areas of Actuarial Evidence and Expert Witness help people and the courts determine monetary amounts of loss. 

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries has standards in place to assist actuaries in fulfilling these roles. In areas such as motor vehicle accidents we work with clients’ lawyers to determine income loss due to being unable to work.Closeup on a businessman working together with his team. In areas such as wrongful dismissal we work with clients’ lawyers to determine if there has been a loss in pension value due to lost pensionable service or lost access to wage increases.

In both of these areas we prepare comprehensive reports intended to aid clients, lawyers and the courts in determining losses. In addition, our Mondelis Actuaries can appear as an expert witness to support the valuation report. 

To learn more about how we can provide the assistance needed in life changing situations, contact Mondelis at 519-579-1255 or talk to your lawyer today.