Small businesses have many advantages over their larger competitors, including availability, responsiveness, costs, and flexibility. Below are just a few of the many reasons that small firms can help you achieve your goals in a more efficient and convenient way.

 Smaller firms often employ fewer employees and in some cases, less is more. Having fewer employees allows small firms to gain very personal interactions with their clients.  There is never a worry that you’ll be passed on from person to person, or department to department. You know exactly whom you are working with and we are always available to tend to your needs.

 Although employees at smaller firms have their own specialities, having a versatile range of knowledge that expands outside of that expertise is also very important. Having well diversified employees is more efficient and saves time and money by not having to shop around. At Mondelis, our very knowledgeable and experienced team of actuaries is always working hard to create a one-stop-shop to suit all your needs.Small firm attention to clients in the boradroom at Mondelis Actuarial.

 Due to the smaller scale of operations, smaller firms are able to run in more cost effective ways. Lower overhead costs mean savings, which are in turn passed right on to the clients. Why pay more for the same services, when you can pay less?

 Smaller firms typically attract fresh minds that are eager to try new approaches on improving their client’s well being. Instead of working towards gaining personal goals within the company, employees of smaller firms tent to always keep the client number one. Our innovative thinking and caring approach keeps our client’s goals as the top priority and we do what it takes to please them.

 The flexibility of a small firm really sets it apart from larger companies. Larger companies typically have complex layers of approval processes, whereas smaller firms are able to easily adjust to adverse circumstances because the decision making process is a lot faster and cleaner. We will customize they way we work to meet the specific needs of our clients while delivering the best services at their convenience.

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